Weird issue using Comcast IPv6 track and OpenWRT/LEDE Access points

  • I have track turned on, and my workstation is getting an IPv6 address fine. However, I have 2 meraki MR16 access points flashed with LEDE (OpenWRT) 17.01.2 reboot (OpenWrt fork), and the W7 workstations are getting the IPv4 DNS address from pfSense, but weirdly an IPv6 DNS address which is one of the routers addresses:

    DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . : fe80::218:aff:fe38:cd6a%19

    This is causing all kinds of weird effects in my network…

    I have removed (and disabled) DNSMASQ on the Meraki's as well as ODHCPc6, so this totally baffles me...

    Where could this come from?

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