Minisys Atom E3845 or Qotom i34005U

  • Hi, im new to Pfsense. Reason is because im searching for a more advanced router for my home network for a 100/100 fiber connection.

    I have been reading the "Unofficial Qotom hardware" topic and it has it`s pros and cons. As an alternative for this piece of hardware i have found the Minisys Atom with the E3845 (AES-NI) chip because it seems to use less power than the Qotom i3 and should get less hot.

    Has anybody tried one of these? Are the specs good enough to run pfsense for home use?


  • The E3845 is quite old. I'd go with the i3. Temperature-wise it doesn't really matter all that much.

  • @thashen4:

    Hi lamjanus,

    I hope you doing quite well I have found that the E3845 (AES-NI) is an effective cause it uses less power and the temperature of the processor can be used at -40°C to 110°C  which makes it very agile and robust to use in different conditions. the Qotom i3 is quite expensive and I do not recommend it and I have similar device which I have Pfsense 2.4.0 and it runs quite fine

    If he is going to run a device at -40 or 110 he is going to get one from a reputable western supplier I bet. The E3845 has no upside in this case.

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