Route ip traffic from mobile client to site to site vpn

  • Hello.

    I'm not an expert in the networking area, but ill try my best to explain what I'm trying to achieve.

    First of, let me explain my situation:

    SITE A: (Subnet  Cisco ASA
    SITE B: (Subnet Pfsense 2.3+

    1. Site A and SITE B can reach each other via SITE to SITE IPSEC
    2. Site B has IPSEC Mobile Clients enabled which allows users to access

    What i'm wondering if possible, is: When users connect to SITE B via Moblie VPN I also want them to be able to access SITE A's subnet.

    I don't know what this is called or what to search for, so i was hoping for some guidelines regarding this issue.


    Were eventually going to move from our 14+ year old ASA, but in the meantime, id like to get this setup to work.

    Thanks in advance.

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