Going from PPPOE to Double NAT?

  • Strange situation - I have had PPPOA (via Vigor Modem) and a PPPOE bridge (FritzBox) running before and had no problems. Lately, the PPPOE has been dropping and PF has failed to reconnect back. Either a combination of rebooting the modem and/or PF resolves the issue.

    I currently have HAProxy (two websites with SSL off loading), PFBlockerNG, Squid, Unbound, running and its been greater. However, to rule out PF I like to revert to a Double NAT scenario where I get the ADSL modem to handle the connection.

    I can't see how to do this (going from a direct to a double NAT). Do I set a static IP in the WAN in the subnet of the modem side (for example set it to if the modem has a LAN side of And then port forward the HAProxy ports? Everything else should just work?

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