NAT, 1:1 NAT with multi LAN interfaces (the same IP address/subnet on each LAN)

  • Hi.
    I have a server with Hyper-V on which there are several machine groups (let's call these vApp groups), 4-10 virtual machines in each. Most of these virtual machines use the same network segment (, so each group of machines (vApp) has its own virtual private switch (not connected to the physical network adapter).

    Unfortunately, there is a need to access these machines from my corporate network (RDP, SSH) and sometimes also need to connect machines from individual vApp to the Internet. So I decided to add one virtual machine with pfSense with two lan interfaces for each vApp. One interface (WAN) for each pfSense is connected to an external switch (connected to a physical network adapter and corporate network, IP from, the second interface is connected to the appropriate virtual switch in vApp (usually IP . I set NAT, 1: 1 NAT and firewall for machines inside vAPP. It works fine but I have 30 machines with pfSense to configure and manage and it takes up quite a lot of Hyper-V server resources (0.5 GB RAM, 2GB disk, 2 virtual cores per pfSense virtual machine).

    Of course, I came to the idea of replacing this configuration with one powerful virtual machine connected to a corporate network with multiple lan interfaces, each connected to a separate virtual switch in vApp (or one lan interface connected to one virtual private switch, with multiple VLAN interfaces created on (I can assign a group of vm machines in the same vApp individual VLAN tag o virtual interffaces.) The problem is that pfSense would have multiple lan interfaces or also VLANs with the same IP address ( NAT and firewall probably would not work in such a configuration.

    Does anyone have an idea for configuring pfSense with multiple LAN interfaces s having the same IP address, the same subnet?
    I need working something like od diagrams below:

    or this:

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