Upgrade 2.3.4 _1 to 2.4R failed. Going back failed too

  • Hello there! my first post around here. :)

    So, for some crazy idea I upgraded my pfsense (Prior config backup) to 2.4.RSomething been scared about dnsmaq I guess. The upgrade failed. After the reboot no console menu, no ip address assigned to the ethernets. A complete failure. So I just said to myself, no problem, I got my config. So I downloaded the 2.3.4, installed without any problems. Enter the web admin and restored the config.

    After restoring the config the package manager got broken (tested twice, checked that it was working from clean install, broken after restoring the config).

    The error after the restore of the config its that pkg need libssl.8 and is not installed.

    So I read about the erro on the forum, some pk-static update -f and upgrade -f.. but that move me to 2.4.1 dev status. Now package manager is working but I have a lot of new errors.

    Any idea how can I go back to my working state on 2.3.4?

    I'm going to try this right now:

    • Clean install 2.3.4
    • config backup
    • Config Restore (my config)
    • Config Restore (clean config, just restoring the package manager area)

    Thanks for reading, I will post if I have any progress

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