Multi WAN and default SMTP Gateway

  • Hello there,

    i am new in this forum and use pfsense since few years without any problems.
    Thanks so far :)

    My System is running under 2.1.2-Release i386 has 4 Ports, i know there are updates, but never touch a running system.
    Port 1 is Synchron DSL Line with fixed IP - INTERNETSDSL1_PPPOE
    Port 2 is Asynchron DSL with dynamic IP- INTERNETADSL1_PPPOE
    Port 3 LAN for all clients 192.168.0.X Net
    Port 4 DMZ for guests 192.168.114.X Net

    I run a loadbalancing for both DSL lines via Gatewaygroup, which works fine.
    Incoming Mails come to SDSL line via MX records which works sure too and NAT rules work perfect here.
    All other rules and VPN are good too.

    My only problem is that i can't figure out how to configure the internal Mailserver ( alias mailserver) to send all Mails only through SDSL.
    Do i have to create a new gateway, firewallrule, NAT rule?
    I tried several thing which don't work.

    For example
    Firewall: Rules - LAN
    Proto Source Port Destination Port Gateway Queue Schedule Description
    IPv4 TCP mailserver * * * INTERNETSDSL1_PPPOE none   Mail Gateway

    And even all port 25 i tried to INTERNETSDSL1_PPPOE.
    What do i do wrong?

  • That is a really old version.  The LAN rule with policy route should work, as long as you haven't mucked with your outbound NAT.  Post screenshots of everything but honestly, you should really update.  Not sure who you are quoting on the "never touch a running system"… That is perhaps the absolute worst security policy there is.  Been reading the news much lately??

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    never touch a running system.

    Lots of luck with that.