PfSense crashes while watching AppleTV

  • Hello!

    My pfSense box has started to crash. 90% of the crashes happens when I stream TV/Movie content from my Apple TV.

    I'm running pfSense version 2.3.4-RELEASE-p1 and my hardware is apu2c4 from PC Engines -

    I have attached the crash log. Can someone see what the problem is?

    Thanks in advance

  • I can't speak to your log but do you have other devices on your network? VPN? Multiple interfaces?

    I have AppleTV running with no crashes or problems…not sure I can help but will try...

  • Yes, I have a about 15 active DCHP leases. VPN is configured, but I'm not running the Apple TV stream through it. And only using a WAN and a LAN interface at the moment.
    Here the installed packages:

    <118> Starting package mailreport...done.
    <118> Starting package RRD Summary...done.
    <118> Starting package AutoConfigBackup...done.
    <118> Starting package OpenVPN Client Export Utility...done.
    <118> Starting package darkstat...done.
    <118> Starting package pfBlockerNG... Export Utility...done.
    <118> Starting package iperf...done.

    My suspicion is that either a temperature problem with the device
    or a problem with pfBlockerNG is causing the crashes.

    The temperature censor for APU2 is not working natively on this release, so I can't monitor the temperature. Hope it works in 2.4, I don't like self compiled modules.

    And I suspect pfBlockerNG just because it feels unstable  :)

  • I can't speak to all the packages but I don't have pfBlocker running on my Apple TV, I also have multiple interfaces for isolation and so I can custom run select packages by interface.

    Not sure if you have a spare ethernet spot to run your Apple TV but assuming you do, its not hard to simply seperate your Apple TV.

    Maybe deinstall your pfBlocker and that solves your problem…just make sure to deinstall correctly...the blocks and rules can "linger" if not done right.

  • Thank you for your tips!

    I'll try to run the Apple TV on a separate LAN interface.

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