Ipsec ikev2 more than 20 simultan connections

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    I have the following problem. On the pfsense is an ipsec server with strongswan. Here I exclusively use ikev2. If more than 20 VPN clients promise to build the tunnel, this is evaluated as a DOS attack. To prevent this, certain declarations can be entered into the strongswan.conf. Since these are constantly reassembled by script, these values ​​are lost, of course. So my question. Where can I store values ​​for the strongswan.conf so that they are included in the assembly? Or more precisely: Where is the script, which builds the strongswan.conf?
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    Tino Kurth

  • Hi,

    I have found out what file the strongswan.conf is assembled. It is the /etc/inc/vpn.inc.

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