Kaby Lake Installer hangs

  • Is this a hardware compatibility problem? I first get the attached screen then installer hangs on menu


    ASRock H110M-DVS R3.0

    Intel Core i3 7100

    8GB DDR4

    Corsair Force LE200 SSD

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Which exact installer image did you use?

    That's about where the console would change over to serial output if you used a serial memstick or ADI memstick. Be sure to use a standard installer memstick.

    You may also need to use a 2.4 snapshot on there. Grab one from Oct 3-4 or so from snapshots.pfsense.org, the ones from this weekend have some issues we're still sorting out.

  • Thanks JIM.

    Sorry the installer was 2.3.4 from usb, I downloaded the 2.4 as you suggested and it installed fine thanks again for always giving great advice.


    PFSENSE runs fantastic on these Kaby lake, and at Idle are really  low power did over 1 hour just on the UPS  (around 4W)

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