Upload partial edited config backup?

  • Is it possible to edit out a portion of an XML backup config and upload it to a pfSense firewall…and have the missing pieces take the defaults?  I have a config with a bad OpenVPN section and instead of rebuilding all my rules, dhcp and everything from scratch, I was wondering if I could remove that portion and upload the remaining config? Ideally the missing parts would be reconstructed so when I download the backup again, it'll be put back together pristine.

    I could try this, but I didn't want to blow up my firewall just yet, so I'm asking here!

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    How successful you are depends on what exact edits you make.

    If you edit out the whole section, such as the blocks for OpenVPN servers and clients, then yes you can restore that.

    Just be careful not to leave any dangling mismatched tags.

    In some areas (e.g. <system>) that doesn't work so well, but it is safe for OpenVPN.</system>

  • OK cool.  Thanks

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