WAN Load Balancing - Peplink - Pfsense

  • Hello,

    I need a little help, i cannot understand something that is doing pfsense, maybe it is normal like this…
    We are using some PEPLINKs but we are not 100% happy with them so started to look for something similar open source.
    PfSense looks the best option, my  principal need are the multi wan with load balancing , but fast because im using as wan some edge/3g/4g modems on a moving vehicle.
    Started to setup pfsense, put him to work.. load balancing is working, gateway change works ...  the only thing that is not ok or maybe i didn`t configure it right is that the round-robin is choosing to often the default gateway. In the weight they all are equal 1... the traffic difference it is semnificative arround 50% extra on default gateway.  Im using 3 WANS in the same time, the sticky is off with the sticky on the difference it is 70% .. extra. I noticed also that the dns resolver is using exclusive the default gateway.. cannot be changed to gateway group ?

    There is a way to disable default gateway  ? and all the services to use the gateway group ?
    Can pfsense do the peplink load balance work ?

  • Nobody know nothing about this ? :)

  • I had a Peplink too and made the move to pfSense (mainly because Peplink is limited in its download speed due to its slow CPU and I needed more wan connections than the Balance 20 could provide).

    I've not been able to make pfSense work correctly.  I'd say its broken at best.

    My main issue is that the DNS fails when connections go up/down and I need to restart the DNS service and flush my windows dns cache (ipconfig /flushdns) every single time which happens multiple times per day.  Also, it seems like one connection is always engaged while the others sit idle, no matter the configuration (same tiers in gateway groups and same weights)… Flushing states, turning sticky connections on/off, everything I try has not been able to give me what I'm looking for in the performance.  The peplink did.

    (4 WAN connections here, 1 LAN)

  • Hello,

    Well in my case it is a little bit different the situation, i have a Peplink 1350 so the CPU is not a problem. I do not like him because from the firmware upgrade content filter is not working anymore as expected and ipsec limitation.  As Multi-WAN is working perfectly..

    In my Pfsense the DNS is working perfectly when the default gateway go down.  What DNS Service are you using ? Resolver or Forwarder ?
    Do you have a DNS server set for each WAN in System - General Setup ? Do you have  enabled the Gateway change in System - Advanced - Miss….  ?

    And regarding my question, nobody knows why PFSense is not working correctly with multi wan weighted  ?

  • how many clients are on the system how many active concurrent connections ?

  • What sense has your question ?  Im not sure how many, but i can aproximate .. they are arround 20 clients and maybe 40 active concurrent connections. But sometimes can be 100 clients and 200 sessions, depends how many they connect to wifi :)
    Maybe you know something related to the concurrent sessions :P  Thanks :)

  • "sense" - thought process it doesnt load balnce 1-2 machines well at all next issue i find is some of my isps take a far number of concurrent connections just to get to my "30Mbps limit"  could try setting the weight to to a higher yet = number and see if it helps

  • Sorry but IMHO these are different products and approaches. Peplink does not do "load balance" rather creates a "fat pipe" of different wan speeds, combined. Viprinet does the same. Pfsense "balances" the connections between -preferred setup- equal speed WANs.

    Please correct me if I am wrong.

    Best regards


  • no it appears peplink can balance or aggregate with added service
    and pfsense works fine with unequal speeds

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