PFSense allow Chrome Remote Desktop

  • Greetings All,

    So I am new to PFSense and have a basic understanding of firewalls and NAT. I would like to allow for Chrome Remote Desktop through my PFSense firewall to my PC at home. I have checked my laptops A/V solution and added the following to allow for it and I still cannot connect so this leads me to the PFSense box.

    Checking the logs of the PFSense I can see that I am getting denied results on varying ports from my IP when I initiate the connection, so PFSense is blocking the request. I have added the same rules mentioned above to the LAN side and I am still getting denied. Should I need to add them to the WAN side for this to work? This is a basic firewall setup with nothing overly complex, 1 WAN and 1 LAN.

    Thank you for any assistance.

  • Hi,

    The default firewall rule present on LAN will handle the job : pass all.

    I'm not using any Google tools myself (except their mail services) but I guess "Chrome Remote Desktop" works the same way as "TeamViewer" : there is no need to setup something on your router. There is nothing that says you have to "NAT" something on your router.
    Which is quiet logic because Google want to see all the information you see, so all info passes by THEIR servers fist. This means that both app on both sides connects to a central Google server, which means that both devices - the controller and the "controlled one" make outbound connections only, which means pfSense is set up by default just fine.

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