LoadBalancing Not working

  • Hi,

    I am facing strange problem in LoadBalancing (PFsense 1.2). I followed following setup to configure Loadbalancing.

    Everything is working fine except LoadBalancing. If primary WAN connection goes down, it shift to secondary WAN connection and vice versa. Also if both the connection are active it shows online signal in LoadBalancing Status. But whenever I Checks Traffic Graph it shows that only primary WAN connection is getting used.

    It seems that LoadBalancing feature is not working.

    Can anybody explain about this

  • Did you create a static route for at least one of your DNS servers to the second WAN?
    You can check the loadbalancing feature by opening a lot of concurrent connections.
    A single data-transfer will always only use one WAN.

  • No, I have not created any static route for any interface.
    I have just followed the above mentioned link to create loadbalancing and failover pools.

  • Well since it works for everyone we can assume you missconfigured something.
    Can you show a diagram of your setup, screenshots of your firewallrule, your balancing pools, etc.
    (not the configpages themself, but the overviewpages)

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