Multiple Pfsense devices, ebgp routes on one, need to announce to other?

  • Hi all,

    I have the following scenario and I'm hoping someone can help me make sense of the necessary changes.
    Both pfsense devices are connected to my LAN.

    pfsense device #1: I have a pfsense device dedicated to providing a link which provides me access to receive BGP routes from an upstream neighbor over a dedicated link.  This pfsense device sees all the routes correctly functions as intended. (Announcing my LAN network upstream and accepting routes from the upstream neighbors over the dedicated non internet facing link.

    pfsense device #2: I have another pfsense device acting as core gateway to my LAN.  It up until now spoke no routing protocols and has only a LAN layer link to the first pfsense device speaking BGP. It has no direct connection into the link which provides  access to those BGP announced routes.

    Now my dilemma, is that I was hoping to be able to use openbgpd (since I cannot have both ospf and bgp running simultaneously on pfsense) to accept the ebgp routes from pfsense device 1, and speak them to pfsense device 2 so that traffic would flow like this:

    computer -> Pfsense device #2 as gateway -> pfsense device #1 -> dedicated link (for routes announced via bgp)
    computer -> pfsense device #2 as gateway -> internet link on device #2 (for all non announced traffic)

    I've sucessfully peered the two pfsense devices, but I only see what is being announced out of pfsense device 1 's network statements. I have no idea how to make it announce the BGP routes (and only those accepted via BGP).

    Thanks for any and all assistance in advance. Much appreciated.

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