Pfsense 2.3.2 WatchGuard Firebox X1250e

  • Afternoon all,

    We are having a fibre connection installed next week so i bought a Watchguard. Iv been told today its been updated for FREE from 100mb to 300mb. We have around 40/50 users including a few servers and on premises exchange. At the moment i don't have any modules installed but plan to install things like VPN for 5/10 users, squid and a few other small packages.

    The box has already had a upgrade with double ram and Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1.73GHz.

    My question is will it be able to handle the upgrade?

  • Possibly just about I would say.

    Is the connection symmetrical (300/300)?  Will you be maxing out the line all the time?

    What type of VPN connections will you be using? Will they be on all the time and at the same time?

    If you want to use squid (caching?) as well at the same time as the VPN you may max out the CPU.

    Since you have the unit, try and see how well it gets on.  If the CPU maxes out all time or throughput is slow you will know for sure.

    Realistically though you should try and get hold of an XTM 5 series.

    2.3 will be the last 32 bit version and 2.4 will not be available as a nano install.

    I have an XTM 5 running an Intel Xeon CPU L5420 @ 2.50GHz using the 771 to 775 mod , 4gb ram and an SSD.

    You need to find the fastest clock rate CPU that you can as the firewall thread only runs on one core.  Faster the clock the more traffic you can shift.
    In the future even the XTM 5 will not work with pfsense 2.5 as it will require an AES CPU which none of these models do.

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