Setting up Squid in PFSense behind another router

  • Hey guys,

    I need some expert advice here.  Im trying to set up squid on pfsense, but the catch is I want to still use my current router and just have pfsense run squid.  Is that possible?  My router is currently the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Pro.  Im not sure of how to correctly do it.  Im still fairly new to networking and this is more for just tinkering around learning new things.  I've tried to find some guide online but have not been successful.

    This is what I've currently tried. I have my cable modem in bridge mode and that is plugged into my Edge Router.  I then have my LAN port going into an unmanaged switch. For PF Sense I only  configured it with just a LAN since I already have a router.  The LAN port for PF Sense is plugged into my switch.  I then gave that an IP of  I went back into my router and assigned that address.  After I do that i can log into the PF Sense GUI.  However after about 10min or so Im no longer able to log into my router.  My LAN for my router is  Also I've noticed that when I go to a computer or iPad and look at the ip settings, its assigned a gateway of instead of  As far as installing Squid Im not even at that point yet.

    Is what Im wanting to do even possible?  I have extra servers laying around and Im trying to find a use for them.  I figured setting up a proxy server might kind of fun to try.

    Thanks in advance for the help guys.  If you need anymore detail or I didn't specify enough let me know.

  • Internet –- ISP --- Modem --- UBNT EdgeRouter --- pfSense WAN port in and pfSense LAN port out --- LAN switch
    Deactivate NAT on the pfSense if you want and install the squid packet, the pfSense should be have a static IP address
    at the WAN interface.

  • @BlueKobold  So just to clarify Im taking the LAN port of the EdgeRouter and plugging that into the WAN of pfSense?  Also when you say pfSense needs to have a static IP at the WAN interface, does that just mean setting it static in the EdgeRouter and entering that address on the WAN port of the server?  Sorry if I literally just asked what you stated.  I just want to make sure I'm on the right page.  Is there anything I need to configure in the EdgeRouter?

    Thanks again for your help, its greatly appreciated.

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