Clients getting wrong ip addresses

  • Have several VOIP phones and some wireless clients who get the wrong IP address from DHCP on the Pfsense router.

    Address range is supposed to be  They are getting

    We do have another location with a pfsense router and that range is  I have the two routers connected via IPSEC site to site VPN.  I can't see any settings that would push the 251 DHCP on my 201 network.  I even disabled the IPSEC VPN to see if that might help.

    I attached a screenshot of the DHCP log showing the VOIP phone requesting the 251 address.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Well looks like dhcp NAK'd it.. So what is the problem?  Are you wondering how it got that address in the first place?

  • Yes.  Because when the devices get the 251 address, they can't access the internet or internal LAN

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    Well no they wouldn't ;)  You must have a dhcp server running on this layer 2 the phones are on that are giving out that IP.  Did you have your ipsec setup as layer 2? Ie L2TP/IPsec? where they could of gotten the IP from the dhcp server on the other end of your L2 tunnel?

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