Configuring RAID1 on XG-1540 after buying it with a single drive

  • Hello,

    I have a XG-1540 (not under warranty anymore), and the hard drive died.

    I ordered 2 drives to replace the original drive, planning to run them in RAID1. Those drives are Intel 150GB S3520, the same as the ones originally sold with the XG-1540 / XG-1541.

    As my previous config was with a single drive, I have some questions about planning my clean install, with a netgate image (not CE) :

    • If I use the "Easy Install" option and select the XG-1540, will pfSense automatically detect the dual drive and RAID them (RAID1) with GEOM ? Or should I first run manually the "Setup GEOM Mirror" in the tasks list, before going with an "Easy Install" ?
    • Which SATA port should I use to connect the second drive to match the original configuration ?

    Thank you !

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