Help getting DHCP servers to work for VLANs

  • Hi,

    I've just installed PFsense and am considering it to replace my untangle router/firewall. The router is directly and physically connected to my cable modem, and feeds a cisco switch that was configured and working with the same VLANs when using untangle.  It is running in a VM in ESXi (ports are straight pass through).

    Here is the configuration (same as before):


    • em1 - pfSense, switches

    • em1.100 VLAN100 = - secured wired

    • em1.200 VLAN200 = - guest wired/wireless

    I have the interfaces and VLANs defined  (example V100)

    I also have DHCP servers defined (example VLAN100)

    DHCP works on em1.  I got an IP address for my desktop, and can access the net.  I also added it so that it's static from status/dhcp, but my network on VLAN100 and 200 does not get IP addresses and does not appear in the status

    With a manually set VLAN100 IP address on my desktop, I'm able to reach other devices on VLAN100.

    I copied the Default allow LAN to any rule (and changed to VLAN100 and 200) so I now have a ipv4 to any rule enabled, but still no DHCP assigned.

    I've also disabled Block private networks and loopback addresses and Block bogon networks


    I had change the VLAN ID of the LAN Port group to 4095 and all worked

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