Packet loss after updating to 2.3.4_1

  • Hey guys.  I was remoted into my system today from work and decided to take the opportunity while not at home as I usually do to update my firewall.  After I updated to 2.3.4_1 I noticed "hitching" in my RDP session after I reconnected.  I didn't think much at first but when I got home and began remoting into work to finish up some things I experienced the same thing.  I ran 3 pings from my computer at home and the same 3 pings on my computer at work to see if I could see anything odd.  At work the pings remained solid and not one dropped but at home all 3 pings would either drop or spike in latency at the same time.  Pings were to 3 totally different endpoints.  Anyone else noticing this issue after updating?

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