Like the new DHCP leases graph, but there's one small problem…

  • I've recently updated a bunch of systems from 2.1.5 to 2.3.4.

    I'm liking the graph of DHCP leases, but have one small problem - it doesn't seem to take account of multiple pools.

    Eg, on one interface, I have two pools - to to

    The graph shows a range of 249, and it should be twice that with the additional pool. It also counts only the leases that are in the first pool.

    Could we have either an aggregated graph for all ranges and leases, or perhaps a selector for each pool?

    Incidentally, why do I have multiple pools on a single interface? Unfortunately I need the /23 for a guest wifi network, but at least some Android devices don't play well if given an IP on a /24 boundary, ie in this case

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