802.11s status pfSense

  • I'm very interested in meshed networks. OpenWrt or the Lede-Project offer devices with support for the given standard and I hope there is similar support on pfSense since FreeBSD seems to support it in general.
    -> this was last updated in 2011 btw

    I have not actually tried those commands but could someone please tell me about how the status of this topic is, please.

    For those who wonder why I would look for such technology in a wired only device? It's because 802.11s is of course a wireless standard but AFAIR the dynamic routing protocol (HWMP) can also be run on wired interfaces. I would like to operate a pfSense system either bare metal or maybe virtualized that would support this protocol and would be able to mesh with e.g. OpenWrt devices.

    Thank you indeed.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    As far as I'm aware, we have no intention of adding any wifi features like that. AP features belong in an AP. FreeBSD is great, but it does not lend itself well to being an AP.

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