IPsec Site-to-Site drops after one hour

  • I have a pfSense appliance, running release 2.3.4 p1, which works fine for most part. I have established a site-to-site IPsec connection, to a Ubiquity UniFi Security Gateway 3P, behind an Xfinity residential modem, in bridge mode. The connection is quite stable for exactly an hour, after which time it "drops", meaning no additional packets will flow between the two sites, however, it still shows as established on the Status page for IPsec. A quick disconnect and reconnect works, but I should not have to do that every hour, right? What should I check to ensure that the connection stays up all the time?

  • So after changing Phase 2 lifetime to 86400, the connection is staying up, after the one hour mark passed. So the question is now, I believe, how can I ensure that Phase 2 key renegotiating succeeds every hour?

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