Dedicate bandwidth for voip

  • Hi Guys.

    I need to dedicate 2mb of my bandwidth for voip
    please can you assist me in getting this working, i have a PBX onsite, so I guess I just need to dedicate 2mbps to the PBX's IP address?


  • I have never heard of dedicating a fixed amount of bandwidth over IP.  The best you can do is set priorities, so that VoIP traffic gets handled before other stuff.  You can do this at the Ethernet level, with managed switches & VLAN tags or at the IP level with diffserv.

  • HFSC lets you set minimum bandwidth guarantees. It also has much more powerful features to help with jitter, which could be a problem with only 2Mb/s.

  • I find PRIQ much simpler and effective for me with our voip phones, and I don't have to worry about carving out specific bandwidth for them.

    BTW what you are trying to do is called Traffic Shaping.  You can find lots more about pfSense and shaping in the Traffic Shaping forum.

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