Move to new hardware but keep same config?

  • Hello,
    I will be moving from a generic 64-bit setup to an official SG-2440 soon. I'm wondering if it's possible to restore the config file from my current hardware to the new hardware? Both could be running same version of pfSense if that makes a difference. I don't understand enough about it to know if it's purely configuration or if it is specific to the installation it is done on.

  • Yes, you can move a configuration from one hardware to another.

    You will need to edit the configuration file before applying it to the new system.

    Search for the <if>tag and replace what is between them with what is from the new system.  Look for the tag probably 2 lines above for if it is the WAN, LAN, or other ports.  Example change the underlined part: <if>vmx0</if>

    That will set the interfaces to the correct ports.  You can find the information you will need to set in the Interfaces -> Assignments page or in the console menu of the new system.</if>

  • @jammcla:

    You will need to edit the configuration file before applying it to the new system.

    You don't need to edit the config manually, the auto re-assign interfaces does a pretty good job lately.
    If you have many vlan interfaces it may be easier to manually edit the config, but on a basic setup you should be good just restoring the config on the new box.

  • Excellent- thank you both!

  • Just wanted to finalize this thread and say that this worked perfect even without manual editing of the file. I'm amazed at just how easy it is to work pfSense especially going from different devices and even different versions.

    The only, ONLY issue I had was that I had to change the temperature probe setting from AMD to Intel.

    Thanks again,

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