After update to 2.4.0 (and update ESXi to distributed switches) pfsense hangs

  • Yesterday I updated pfsense to 2.4 on my vmware environment (fully updated) and also changed my virtual networking from standard to distributed switches (might be related).  Since then, I've had two partial hangs of pfsense.  DHCP stops working, openvpn stops working, http gui doesnt load, and the console doesn't "refresh" (if I hit the return key, it just gives me a new line instead of refreshing the menu). It still routes traffic, however.  If I attempt a shutdown with ESXi, it doesn't actually reboot, I have to do a hard shutdown.  I checked some of the logs, but I don't see anything out of the ordinary.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Do you have pfBlocker with DNSBL active, perhaps?

  • I can report the same thing. Upgraded last night then early this morning found my pfSense in a similar hung state. No gui available, ssh not responding and the console would just give a new line, openvpn not working. Ipsec tunnels were up and running interestingly enough. Though it seemed like if I left it in this state they eventually started shutting down. Possibly related to rekeying but I couldn't say for sure. Mine is running in VMware and has been using distributed switches since the beginning.

    In my case pfBlocker is not being used. I did notice that after I reset the VM that SNMP had the processor pegged at 100% until I toggled it off then back on. Haven't seen that repeat yet. Looking at my logs it looks a lot like it ran out of resources as I see timeouts from php-fpm and from openvpn TLS negotiations.

  • I have pfBlocker and DNSBL active.  I will try the fix, but….

    I also had the issue with SMTP.  It has to do with SMTP trying to read the CD-ROM drive.  I added the pfsense CD to the ROM drive and CPU went down (I also have not had the hang issue again after adding the drive).  When I get home, I will be removing the CD-ROM all together.

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