Ping higher with shaper enabled

  • Hello,

    Im messing around with pfsense, did some tweaks by following a few guides. I managed to get my average ping to google to 10/20 ms download and 13/22 upload on full load 100/30 without shaper but it is not stable. Ping is going up/dow. Alot during traffic.

    I read a traffic shaper can make my ping more stable so I used the wizard at default settings to set up a traffic shaper. Now when I test using dslreports my download ping rises above 30 and upload is above 250 and after 2 pings pfsense crashes.

    Is this a buffering issue ?

  • Is codel enabled? If not, it should be, considering your goal.

  • Im using HFSC, found suricata to be the cause of the crash. I uninstalled suricata and got A+ on bloat test now  8)

  • Changing scan mode to hyperscan also fixed suricata with traffic shaper

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