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  • I was wondering as I have yet to be able to find it and tried searching and could not find my answer.
    I am trying to find out how I can see all the connected devices to my pfsense box either DHCP or with Static IP? And also where I can change and configure devices into either a DHCP or Static IP or any other advance features.

    The only thing that I can find is under Status DHCP Leases I am able to see everything that has been assigned an IP from my IP pool but that is it. No static IPs etc.
    I have found under diagnostics ARP table I can see everything that has ever connected, but there is no control or editing there other than deleting the cache instance.

    So was wondering if I am just looking in the wrong spot or maybe the option for what I am looking for does not exist at all.


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    Your best bet is probably Diagnostics > ARP Table.

    But that will only show devices that the firewall has had a reason to ARP for.

    You probably need another solution that specifically scans your network periodically in a way that satisfies your needs. SolarWinds, Dameware, etc.

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    You could prob setup a cron with the nmap package installed to keep your arp table updated..  Just have it arp scan say once every 10 minutes or so..

    I just run, its not free.. 36$ a year.. Can run on anything.. And I get alerts on my phone when something joins my network, goes offline, etc.  I know for example when my son shows up to pickup my grandson in the afternoon.. Since I get a popup on my phone ;)

    I know when the internet is down at the house - because again get a alert on my phone. etc. etc. etc..

    Some people seem to have a trust issue since it talks to the cloud.. Well no shit how do you think you get the popup on your phone ;)  But my tinfoil hat not as tight as some people.. And last time I looked my home network was not a DOD facility ;)

  • Theme for the two different paths I could look into johnpoz.

    Is domotz a difficult program to get setup and running?

    I will have to look at nmap and Cron packages as well not sure if those would be easier or the same as domotz to get up and running.

    But at least I have a couple options to look into now.


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    domotz takes all of a couple of minutes to setup.. If you have a bunch of vlans it takes a bit longer.. Since you have to add the interfaces or sub interfaces for your vlans on the box and make sure the box has access to all your different vlans at layer 2.  You need this because it arps the whole subnet to find devices and monitor when they go up down, etc.  You can change how often it arps for something, etc.

    You can run it on anything really, a pi, a vm you have, something running linux, etc.. I have it running in on a ubuntu vm currently.  Even runs on some NAS boxes, etc.. Synology, QNAP, ReadyNAS

    You can try it out for 21 days before you have to pay for it.  Its a great little piece of software for monitoring devices on your network be it new stuff that joins or wanting to know when stuff goes down or up, etc.  Since it phones home.. You will know if it goes down as well, etc.  Or you internet is down which would prevent other things from sending you alerts..

    You can even have it monitor services like http or ssh, etc.  You get a few "eyes" to watch services in your normal cost.. You can add more for a few bucks, etc.  It even can monitor snmp of switches and show you what sort of util your interfaces are seeing, etc.  It really is a sweet little product for the cost..

    Something you setup with arpwarch or nmap or aprping and some cron job is not going to come close to the feature set of domotz, etc.

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