FAX Server

  • Hi all,

    I know this might sound a bit simpleton but I would like to a see if a pkg first exists that anyone knows of, or if not, then see what people think of having it as a possible feature request.

    So, basically this could be over very quickly or take some time…

    Anyway, I really want to run a FAX server here at home, I still have trad. fax and well it sucks.... so, does anyone know of a pkg for pf that does it, or do others like the idea as a future request?


  • There's nothing for pfSense, though there are a number for FreeBSD.  The best known is hylafax.  Details of how to install FreeBSD packages can be found in the packages forum.

    Note that:

    a) You're on your own
    b) You're reducing the security of your firewall - possibly quite significantly

  • In addition to degrading the security of your firewall, support for modems is not part of the pfSense kernel so this won't be as simple as installing a package.  It's not supported so you're entirely on your own.

  • Okay, np its good to know the reasons though.

  • Faxing support is available in the FreeSWITCH package though I haven't tested it yet.

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