How to connect Modem/Router(Static IP) to Pfsense without bridge mode

  • How to connect Modem/Router Model: Zyxel VMG3926-B10B to pfsense without putting in bridge mode.. thanks.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    You connect it just like any other client..  Just make sure that the network your using behind your router is different than the networks you use behind pfsense.

    If your current network is 192.168.1/24, and you connect pfsense wan to that.. Then make sure pfsense lan is not also 192.168.1/24 - make it say 192.168.2/24

    Your just in a double nat setup then.. Not all that big of deal.. Not the perfect setup, but it works..

  • thank sir for the quick reply…

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