SG-1000 and suricata

  • I've just enabled suricata on my SG-1000 at home.
    I was expecting to have to factory reset it due to the load, however it performs fine.
    I'm really surprised.
    I only have a max of 80MBit download and 10Mbit upload, although it does seem to clobber it quite a lot it doesn't affect speedtest.
    Also ping times are still 1ms (Fibre)
    I have only enabled it at the default set, so no real tweaking done.
    I'm not really sure it's of any use at home to be honest, but it's a bit of fun.
    Has anyone else given it a go since it turned up for the SG-1000?

  • Galactic Empire Netgate

    We do not recommend running Snort or Suricata on SG-1000. IDS is very resource intensive and simply too much for SG-1000.

  • I have turned it off, as I'm not happy with the load staying that high continually.
    The SG-1000 started off as just a fun toy, but it's reliability and performance have made it a permanent home firewall.
    But it was interesting that it actually works at all.

    The SG-3100 looks more fun too.