Mixed network public/private ip's on the lan side

  • I currently have a 200+ pc behind a pfsense box. Everything's working fine but some of my client's want public ip. what is the best way to implement this into my network considering is built of mixed  wireless/cable and very long distances between locations.

  • Use 1:1 nat to map the ips. External -> internal

    Seems to work pretty well, not sure how it scales though. You will have to create rules for the traffic. Your not actually leasing them a public IP but most applications I have delt with seem to handle that fine. If you want to lease them public (wan) ips im not sure how to do that

  • PFBox1 will shape and route This box will have to let the public ip's without shaping them.

    PFBox2 will shape the public ip's with guaranteed bandwidth.

    Need more info about interfaces, bridge or how can  I implement this ?

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