Access via SSH and web GUI lost after several hours

  • Upgraded from 2.3.4 to 2.4 apparently without issue. Then noticed a problem,  I can access pfsense via the gui or SSH after a fresh start of the software, but a day or so later neither works.  When the problem is occurring I can login via SSH but I get only one line of welcome to 2.4. No menu.  When I try to access the GUI via a browser I get nothing.

    Rebooting the router restores all access. I'm using a small amd 64 computer. dedicated hardware.
    Not sure what is going on.

  • Sounds like the now known snmpd problem.

    Can you disable host resources option of snmpd service. This should prevent it using lots of cpu and increasing amount of memory that causes trouble after a day or two..

    Other option might be your using pfBlockerNG with dnsblocklists? Sofar it seems a re-installation with ZFS filesystem works better there..

  • Thanks,  I will try your suggestions tomorrow or upon next failure.  I am using pfBlockerNG.  When you say reinstallation is that of pfSense or pfBlockerNG.  Sorry, I am a bit of a noob.

  • Forgot to add that the router continues to work fine when I lose access.

  • To change the filesystem to ZFS which supposedly fixes a problem with pfBlocker dnsblocklist statistics tracking which causes everything related to php to hang, a complete re-installation of pfSense would be required.