2.4 Upgrade lost all DNS when using dnscrypt

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    I use freebsd to enable dnscrypt and DNSSEC on my router, and all was working until I upgraded to pfsense 2.4. After the upgrade, I lost all DNS even when I ssd'd to the router. To fix this issue I had to go to System -> General Setup and add in a few new DNS Servers to temporally work around the block. I added and After this, I could resolve addresses. From here I "pkg install dnscrypt-proxy" and found out the issue was the upgrade lost my packages. After reinstalling and upgrading the "pkg install dnscrypt-proxy" command I could get everything working again.

    Thought i'd share my issue in case others see it.


    on 2.4, rerun pkg install dnscrypt-proxy
    New packages to be INSTALLED:
          mpfr: 3.1.6 [FreeBSD]
          jpeg-turbo: 1.5.2 [FreeBSD]
          jbigkit: 2.1_1 [FreeBSD]
          png: 1.6.34 [FreeBSD]
          pixman: 0.34.0 [FreeBSD]
          cyrus-sasl: 2.1.26_12 [FreeBSD]

    Installed packages to be UPGRADED:
          dnscrypt-proxy: 1.7.0 -> 1.9.5_1 [FreeBSD]

    Number of packages to be installed: 6
    Number of packages to be upgraded: 1

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    In other words: You did something unsupported, and to the surprise of nobody, it broke.

    Don't do that.