2.4.0 virtual machine becomes non responsive after a few hours

  • I am running an instance of pfsense 2.4.0 in esxi 6.5.0 Update 1 (Build 5969303) with a version 13 vm and after some time the guest becomes mostly non responsive. Using the freebsd install iso and looking at logs, it appears it runs out of swap. The guest has a 4Gb disk and auto partitioning allocated 205Mb to swap. Looking through hardware requirements, I assumed 4Gb was sufficient. Are those figures no longer relevant to 2.4.0 or is the issue a result of some other problem?

  • Remove the CD drive from the VM's hardware profile or uncheck Host Resources in pf's SNMP.


  • Thanks, while I did not see which process exhausted the memory, the fix an bz in that post you mention appear pretty specific so its probably safe to assume that was the issue.