Update from 2.4.RC to 2.4.0

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    Today I did the standard update from the dashboard to 2.4.0 Release from 2.4.0-RC and the GUI showed an update failure while loading the packages although PFsense quickly rebooted and is working, but it happened way to quick and I was wondering if there was a way to tell if I am really running the new version even though the dashboard says I am.

    If I find that all the files did not get updated, how do I reinstall PFsense without starting from scratch?

  • Likely the only thing failed is that the webgui lost track of how far pkg was with the upgrade and it continued without further webgui updates as if nothing strange happened. This should not be a problem.

    If you want to make sure everything is re-installed try something like "pkg update -f" which will download and install all packages again.

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    I guess that is what happened. Did the pkg update - f which took 2 seconds and everything looked normal. I even got an email notification that the upgrade was a success from the first time.

  • um sorry wrong command.. i meant "pkg upgrade -f" will take a little longer.. but likely still nothing that needed fixing.

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    Ok, did the upgrade this time and that took a few minutes, but at least I know everything is up to date. I was a little concerned since I have been doing 2.4.0.RC updates for about a year. All looks good now. Thanks