UPGRADE from 2.3.4 to 2.4

  • After I updated my SG2200 appliance to the latest version 2.4, I  do no have any connectivity to the box. Its bricked!
    Ping,ssh,http all get dropped.

    Logging in to the console I noticed the interfaces and routes seem to be good.
    I rebooted using the old kernel and networking seems to work but I can't install any packages….

    WARNING: Current pkg repository has a new OS major version.
            pfSense should be upgraded before doing any other

    When I issue the pkg update -f everything seems updated....

    Any ideas how to fix this without installing from scratch ?

  • Some static routes i created many years ago seem to be the culprit.

    Funny how this update got bricked because of the routes and not all the previous ones….

  • @jimp:

    If you want to stay on 2.3.x, you must go to System > Update, Update Settings tab and select the security/errata branch, then you can make changes to packages.

    Otherwise you'll have to update to 2.4 first, which will pick up any updates automatically along the way.