NTP Client Errors? Not Sure…

  • Hey guys, Im getting a ton of these in my system log. I am currently using BETA4 and I was not aware of the errors in previous versions. Im not sure if it's bad, not working, or it's normal.

    May 26 21:10:24 msntp[80950]: msntp: Unknown error: 0
    May 26 21:10:24 msntp[80950]: msntp: unable to locate IP address/number
    May 26 21:10:23 msntp[80950]: msntp: different parameters for restart
    May 26 21:10:23 msntp[80950]: d=18000 c=5 x=18000 op=1 l=/var/run/msntp.pid f=/var/db/msntp.state
    May 26 21:10:23 msntp[80950]: msntp options: a=2 p=0 v=1 e=0.100 E=5.000 P=2147483647.000

    I would think this means it cant find the server at the IP addresses provided for NTP servers. But they are active, and the router can ping them, and such. No firewall rules should be in place to block this.

    If anyone has some information, let me know. Thanks! :-)

    UPDATE: Sorry guys, the two servers are Windows 2003 Servers (Active Directory). Im pretty sure I have updated my linux client from it before.

  • It is not resolving the nameserver.  Change the time server entry back to pool.ntp.org

  • That does fix it, but I would like the router to pull time from the central AD server as the rest of the clients do. I have researched some and found some distros of Linux work with it, some don't. (AD that is). I will just point the pfSense firewall at the pool.ntp.org along with the AD server for its external source. Thanks!

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