Upgrading 2.4 rc 12 to final - any special considerations?

  • Hello,

    I'm pretty new to PFSense.  In fact my first box was installed from 2.3 iso (all default settings) but I upgraded it to 2.4 release candidate.  I installed a few plug ins and have been running this for quite some time.  Is there any thing I need to consider when upgrading 2.4 release candidate to 2.4 stable?

    I also run Ubiquiti UniFi on pfSense (you can find the script on github).  I imagine I may have to rerun this script.

    I will already take a backup of my pfsense config and my unifi config.  However I just want to know what I'm in for… 30 minutes... 2 hours... etc... to plan accordingly.


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    In most cases, going from 2.4-RC to -RELEASE should be relatively minor and safe. Still worth taking a backup and having install media on-hand though.

    The main possible problem area might be if your hardware or setup has a problem with FreeBSD 11.1 where it was OK with 11.0. Thankfully these are fairly minimal cases overall and nearly all of them have workarounds.

  • Thanks,

    I will have install media and backups standing by just in case.

    Its a Dell Optiplex 390 SFF PC with 128GB SSD and a dual port supermicro low profile nic (intel chipset).  I've been very pleased with pfSense and at first experimented with it by installing the stable 2.3 train but doing an RC upgrade.  I have been running ever since I did this release candidate install back in early September.

    I also toy around with formatting the drive and installing 2.4 with ZFS, but in all actuality as I'm using this in just a home environment, the trouble to do it from the ground up does not outweigh the benefits.  I'd think differently if it was in a small business or corporate environment.

    Currently on:
    2.4.0-RC (amd64)
    built on Thu Aug 31 17:27:20 CDT 2017
    FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE-p12

    I read some people having issues booting possibly because freebsd changing the device names from ata0s1 to ada0s1 for example, but I checked my /dev folder and my device links are already the newer format ada*****.

  • Did the upgrade and everything went without a hitch.

    I actually tested it in vmware first, loaded my config to make an identical setup.  Worked flawlessly there, so I did the upgrade on my home production box.

    Only thing I had to do was hit SHIFT+F5 in chrome to make the pfsense logo back to the normal size in the upper right corner.

    All packages updated as well.