Looking for a PFSense consultant

  • I need a consultant who can set up a pair of PFSense boxes.

    We have a pair of PFSense boxes (SG2440s from Netgate). I'm looking to set them up with IPSEC tunnels between the two, also IPSEC VPNs for mobile clients on both. both offices have 2 ISPs, so we also need fail-over when the primary goes down. We don't need load balancing.
    If you'd prefer to do this remotely, I have an IPSEC VPN on one of these. I can connect and then access the PFSense WebUI. You could, too; I'd just need to send you the CA key, username/passkey and, of course, IP addresses.

    I'm figuring the boxes out, but I'm plodding, particularly with IPSEC. - We have some time pressure, so it's more important that it gets done than that I do it.

    Apologies if this is the wrong place to post something like this.

  • The commercial support team from pfSense / Netgate could likely bang this out in no time.  They've been incredibly helpful whenever I've had to call on them.

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    What he is asking for is professional services


    Professional Services
    For professional services inquires and quotes, send us an email at sales@netgate.com and we will reply as soon as possible