PFSense 2.4 After Upgrade works only ping on IPSEC Tunnel.

  • Hi,
    I have three PFSense A, B and C (c1 and c2 in HA) connected to VPN. Each PFsense is connected to IPSec with all the others.
    Up to version 2.3.x worked all stably, after updating to version 2.4 the PFSense A and B work perfectly while AC and BC VPNs seem to only pass PING. No service such as Remote Desktop, Windows Share, FTP or WEB seems to work.

    Only ICMP traffic works fine!
    I can't connect via SMB or RDP or WEB.

    The PFsense C is installed on two machines (HP ML160Gen9), I also tried to reconfigure everything and make it work in single and the result does not change.