Wireless interface

  • Hi Team,

    My pfsense box is 2 nic build in and 1 wireless card. This is a small fanless machine with no option to add any addon cards. Nic 1 is ised for wan access and nic 2 is for lan. The ip for lan is range and wireless is range.

    I need to extend the wireless reach to a location where ther is no wireless. There are network ports that are on the lan. This is linked to a cisco 3750 switch. On the switch I created vlan 6 and put a port on vlan 6. How can I connect another AP on a lan port on vlan 6 and get it to be part of the same wireless subnet. I can just extend the wireless with repeaters, that is not an option :-( so will need to get vlan 6 from pfsense routed via the lan port. Can anyone advise please