Small form-factor Setup advice

  • I'm playing around with an old PC right now for testing. I need some advice on the production hardware.
    Test Hardware: AMD Athlon 1600mhz, 512mb, HDD1 30g, HDD2 20g, Onboard NIC, 2x 3C980-TX PCI

    Goals for this box:
    DHCP Server
    VPN Server
    Internet Gateway
    Load Balancing, Connection Failover
    Route incoming connections based on port/protocol
    WAN 1: Cable 12m/4m with 2 fixed IPs
    WAN 2: T1 1m/1m (split from PRI trunk) with 5 fixed IPs
    LAN: 100mbps to Dell PowerConnect 3324

    Hardware goals:
    Small footprint
    Low heat generation

    I was looking at
    Mainboard: Jetway NC92-N230 mini-ITX Intel Atom 1.6GHz + ICH7
    Mainboard Modules: Jetway 3 x Gigabit LAN
    Memory: 1g DDR2
    Storage: Internal 4g USB stick (purchased separately)
    DC-DC Power: picoPSU 120
    AC-DC Power: 12v/5A AC-DC Power Adapter

    Our internal network uses SIP phones with an Asterisk box connected to the PRI and to backup analog lines (no external VoIP)

    We have ~15 remote users who use VPN as needed with heavy load early in the morning and a few working after hours.

    Does this sound like it would work well?  Any forseen problems?  With the USB, should I choose the compact flash install to reduce disk writes? I'd like to have a 2nd 4gb USB stick that I can clone from the original after the initial setup.  That, paired with a regular backup of the config would be a very fast recovery in case of failure.

    Thanks in advance for any help,

  • i have this guy in my office handling 50 ipsec tunnels used mostly for techsupport and 3-5 remote users connected. firewall, dhcp, wireless. works out of the box even with pfsense 1.2. now i'm thiking about adding a vpn encription card so i can put more load through vpn.

  • Thanks.  Is it not able to handle the encryption for more than 5 users on VPN?

  • The number of users is irrelevant.
    What counts is the bandwidth you're pushing.

  • @traigo:

    Thanks.  Is it not able to handle the encryption for more than 5 users on VPN?

    it handles the current load just fine. as i said 50 3des/md5 tunnels.

  • Did you end up getting the Mini-Box Jetway ITX PC?  I'm getting one and curious what you thought of it if you did get it?

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