Installed pfSense 2.4,having issues with computer to computer access on same LAN

  • I'm new to pfSense and decided to give it a try.  I installed pfSense 2.4 and all was good.
    I have a Dlink router that has it's DHCP server turned off so it's acting like an AP.

    My issue is, I can't seem to ping or connected to any local computer within the LAN.

    I don't have multiple LANS.  Only 1 LAN and 1 WAN.  The dlink AP (DIR859) works just fine and I am able to use that for wireless.

    What am I doing wrong?  Am I missing something?  Did I give enough info?  Thanks.

    Edit:  I might also add that I can VNC to my computer if I'm coming from outside my LAN via NAT rule but internally, it's a no go.

  • lan->lan traffic has nothing todo with your router ….

    disable windows firewall & see if that helps

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    My guess would be your windows machine seeing a new router changed their network mode to public vs private… So now their firewall turned on and blocked shit that use to be allowed under private.

    As heper already stated - lan to lan traffic has zero to do with pfsense..

    Or you have your AP natting and not just AP, etc.  What devices are trying to talk to each other wired to wired or wired to wifi, wifi to wifi?  Simple test is look in one of the machines arp table.  If you see its mac for its IP, and that mac is correct but you can not ping it - then it just screams host firewall.  If you can not see the mac, then your not on the same layer 2.. So prob some with your AP if devices are wired to wifi or wifi to wifi, etc.

  • Thanks all for the replies. Finally got back to looking at this.  I guess the I might have a different problem than i'm describing.  On my VNC connection, I have it set to resolve to my site.  Let's say it's  From the outside coming into my network, my VNC connection works just fine using

    When i'm internal on my LAN and I use the on VNC, I can't connect.  If I use the IP of my computer, it works just fine.

    Am I missing another NAT rule or some other thing?

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    Dude setup host override for to point to the IP of your computer your trying to access vs doing nat reflection.

    Yes if you want nat reflection to work you have to set that up.

  • Thank you.  I'm new to all this so i'm learning as I go.

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    On a side note - opening VNC, RDP to the public internet - not a very good idea!  If you need to remote to something on your network while your away. VPN in.. Then remote to it.. Much more secure.

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