Patch 2.3.3 Cannot update / Updates cannot be found!

  • MY current version: 2.3.3-RELEASE (amd64)built on Thu Feb 16 06:59:53 CST 2017FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE-p16

    I did read most post that handled the subject about updates and patch 2.3.X versions.
    Yet my problem seems not to be between those topics,…

    Just like in Jim's sticky/locked posts I can not see the system to be able to check for updates, I've tryed to go to the command line utility "pfSense-upgrade -d". Then the webGUI freezes, you cannot connect to the firewall over https for 15min. The background process that is started keeps running for hours before it finaly terminates itself. No updates or any other information is found in the logfiles.

    I have no idea how to approche this problem,
    any help would be welcome!!!

    aditional info 20/10 i've tyred to modify the repository to only update 2.3.x. This does nothing for me, it will not accept the changes!
    when i go back to the page its back to the default, i've tryed again and it just wont do it.
    any help to do a raw install would be welcome, i havent found the location to download a file like that yet.

    Kind regards

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