FreeBSD message during and after installation

  • Today I was doing a clean install of pfSense 2.4 on my Dell Optiplex 7010 and every time I go to run the install via a bootable USB I get this message (see attachment) in UEFI mode. If I run install via BIOS and set hard drive as GPT BIOS+UEFI using ZFS auto set up; I also get this message after installation. Booting/installing via legacy BIOS method is the only way around this but has anyone ran across this or know what this is about? I was trying to do the install under ZFS instead of UFS due to some issues with the filesystem before so I'm not sure if results occur when installing under UFS.

  • There is no error message in the picture.

  • @kpa:

    There is no error message in the picture.

    Sorry I meant to say message not error message. I'm curious what this message is about or why I'm unable to boot/run an install on a compatible UEFI system.

  • Appears issue has been resolved in the RC for 2.4.1 so far if anyone runs into this.