Question regarding simple WAN routing with 2 WAN ports

  • hi, i just registered with the pfsense forum. i have simple question regarding dual WAN routing. i have to setup a dual WAN router, with one SDSL connection (ethernet uplink) and one ADSL modem. i want to do the following:

    i want to setup the ADSL uplink as default uplink, for main webtraffic, with NAT.
    for VPN site to site connection (to a second pfsense device) i want to use the SDSL uplink, this one has a dedicated ISP gateway, wich would provide ethernet to pfsense. i only want to route the VPN traffic (5 subnets) via this uplink.

    can this be done? i dont even ask for the how here, just for the fact.

    i have been using ipcop for 3 years now in productive environment and for the time we implemented it, it was what we needed, stable and never let us down. i chose ipcop over other solutions (f.e. pfsense) b/c of its openvpn implementation. but we need multi wan support now, and ipcop does not support multi wan setup, as known. so my first thought was to go with endian (ipcop fork) but i heard about difficulties setting up dual wan setup. also, we have no need anymore for openvpn as we want to go for several reasons with a qualified IPSEC solution with a supported IPSEC client. so i just installed pfsense 1.2.1rc2 and i have to say im very impressed, it looks great for us for what i can see after a first inspection, respect to everyone working on it. i have great hope implementing it in our system.

    second question, can i have NAT on both WAN connections or is NAT only supported on the primary WAN?

    thank you in advance.

  • From what i read: yes you can do what you want.

    IPSEC on the second WAN requires to crete a static route, but that shouldnt be a problem.

    Yes you can NAT on all interfaces.
    (You can create your own NAT-rules for each interface)

  • thank you very much for your fast reply. at this point, i will read the documentation, and setup a test system.

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