SG3100 trunk query and Unifi

  • I have previously configured a SG2220 with Management LAN range ( gateway . VLAN 15 (, VLAN 25 ( , VLAN 35 (, VLAN 45 ( , VLAN 55 (    This in turn allowed the use of Unifi via multiple SSID and across relevant VLAN. Works really well.

    I bought a SG3100 AND similar setup to above, I have VLAN's via Lancom GS2326 / TP LINK 2600G and a Zyxel switch. Issue that has arisen, with the SG2220 I knew I had correctly configured the Trunk port and I cannot confirm same via SG3100. I cannot get the Unifi to work on any of the VLAN domains, I can NAT/ARP via the configured switch port but not via Unifi. Do I need to manually bridge out the SG3100 to the switch ports , how do I confirm that the default VLAN is trunking ?

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