2.4 Login Screen

  • So update went well for me at least, no issues minus some with the speeds that I read about to be fixed in 2.4.1, but the the new login screen I do not like at all when before it matched my theme. Anyway to get it back?

  • Question already asked and known since 2.4.0 went into pre production (when it was beta).
    Answer :
    No, you can't.
    And Yes, if you can do it.

    You have to sift out a bunch of style sheet files and html - maybe even some PHP - but you can make what ever you want it to look like.
    Because it's hard coded.
    Be ware : the next upgrade might remove all your edits.

    Btw : When set up correctly, you'll never (or close) see this login page again …. And only the admin uses ans sees it.

    Btw : maybe the login screen will be included into theme settings in the future.

    Btw : I'm not running 2.4.0 live right know, hope to do so this weekend (I ran out of USB sticks).

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